Microscopy Solutions for Materials R&D

Understand the four key areas of materials research

Grains, interfaces, particles, and pores. How do we understand these properties of our materials and their influence on performance?

Using ZEISS microscopes, you can  

  • Characterize grains and crystals, particularly in metals and crystalline materials.
  • Study particles and inclusions in steel, aggregates, polymers, ceramics, catalysts, or additively manufactured parts.
  • Analyze interfaces and surfaces in batteries, electronic materials, coatings, and layers.
  • Reveal porosity, cracking, and voids and their role in macrostructural behavior.

10 Materials in 2 Minutes

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  • Engineering Materials: Metals and Alloys

    New, stronger, tough, durable, lightweight, and fracture-resistant materials open doors to new technologies. Designing and developing engineering materials for tomorrow’s innovation challenges demands an ever-better understanding of complex processes, structures, and properties.

  • Investigating Sweet Spot Imaging of Perovskite Catalysts Bearing Exsolved Active Nanoparticles

    Platinum has been widely used for catalytic chemical reactions in automobile, chemical refining, and energy industries. This application note discusses imaging techniques that accurately determine particle size and morphology, a method that can improve the catalytic analysis of platinum loading, size, dispersion, and active site determination.

  • Detection, Quantification and Advanced Characterization of Non-metallic Inclusions in Steels

    ZEISS X-ray Microscopes

    Non-metallic inclusions (NMI) are present in all grades of steels and related alloys. NMI that do not fall into standard categories can be located by light microscopy combined with scanning electron microscopy (SEM) energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS) mapping. This allows full characterization of all inclusions in the steel to develop improved products and processes.

  • Multi-modal characterization and advanced analysis options for industry and research

    Routine inspection and quality control tasks can be achieved rapidly and accurately using light and electron microscopy in industrially-focused workflows. Now, multi-modal microscopy is capable of providing a vast array of analytical capabilities.

  • Enabling Premium 3D Crystallographic Imaging in Your Laboratory

    Single-phase polycrystalline materials in steel, alloys, and ceramics do not exhibit absorption contrast to reveal underlying grain microstructure. Now, advanced laboratory-based diffraction contrast tomography enables 3D characterization capabilities of these challenging structures.

  • Integrated SEM and Raman Imaging of Lithium Ion Batteries

    To support the development of new batteries, electrode designs, and energy storage materials for the automotive industry, portable batteries, the renewable energy market, and the electronics industry calls for analytical methods that display various morphological and chemical properties.

  • Advanced Segmentation for Industrial Materials using Machine Learning

    Segmentation is the division of images into defined regions for subsequent categorization and analysis. By analyzing these regions, and the borders between them, we can obtain quantitative, actionable information. These analyses depend on the accuracy and reliability of segmentation results.

  • Quantitative Microstructural Analysis of State-of-the-art Lithium-ion Battery Cathodes

    In this application note, two different segmentation methods are evaluated in the context of quantitative analysis of components of Li-ion batteries, including machine learning and thresholding.

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FIB-SEM tomography dataset acquired from a commercially purchased 3D NAND sample.

ZEISS Solutions for Industrial Ceramics Research

The engineering of ceramics through characterization is about understanding the structure, properties, performance, and process of a particular material or system.

FIB-SEM tomography dataset acquired from a commercially purchased 3D NAND sample.

ZEISS Solutions for Metals and Alloys

Building the future with stronger, tougher, lighter and sustainable metals and alloys

FIB-SEM tomography dataset acquired from a commercially purchased 3D NAND sample.

ZEISS Imaging Solutions for Catalysts, Chemistry, Coatings and Corrosion

ZEISS imaging systems provide powerful detail for your analysis of corrosion in waterborne systems.

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