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Your Solution for Advanced Image Analysis and Visualization

Maximize your image potential with our powerful image analysis and visualization tools. Create seamless analysis pipelines with just a few clicks. Effortlessly process massive datasets on compatible workstations. “Walk into your sample” using our VR toolkit for a new perspective.

  • Click-and-play solution for routine or customized workflow
  • Combine different operators for flexible pipelines
  • Compatible with multiple imaging file formats
  • Boost your research with AI with no coding
  • Visualize big data by GPU powered 3D engine
ZEISS arivis Pro Software for end-to-end, flexible pipelines

Flexible, End-to-End Image Analysis Pipelines

ZEISS arivis Pro empowers you to automate image analysis and visualization pipelines. Leverage traditional methods or AI models effortlessly to create pipelines for any image size, dimension, or modality without the need to code.

The software supports and handles over 30 commercial file formats. Efficiently process large files with ease. Pre-configured pipelines and standard assays are available for both simple and demanding analysis tasks. Or you can customize pipelines for your specific goals.

It takes just one click to repeat your analysis for consistent, quantitative results. Boost productivity and ensure reproducible results

How Does It Work

Newest arivis Pro Release Highlights

Find out if you can benefit from the latest features available with the most current ZEISS arivis Pro release.

  • Summary of changes in arivis Vision4D 4.1.2 released 16 November 2023

    Cellpose Segmenter:

    • improved: better memory checks to avoid internal errors
    • improved: more clear error and warnings
    • improved: better description of the available pre-trained models in the help
    • change: perform planewise is enabled by default now
    • fix: handling of results for time points other than the first one (in combination with voxel filters)
    • fix: normalization for data with bias in min intensity value
    • fix: other small fixes for the Cellpose Segmenter


    • improved: importing channel names for XDCE data
    • fix: import problems for some ND2 time series


    • improved: faster free consumed license after quit of the application


  • Summary of changes in arivis Vision4D 4.1.1, released 25 July 2023

    New & Noteworthy:

    • Cellpose Segmenter - directly import pre-trained Cellpose models for easy and fast segmentation in the Analysis PipelineThis is a placeholder headline
    • new: native Cellpose Segmenter analysis operation (no Python needed)
    • new: export a created model from Deep Learning Trainer as CZANN
    • improved: Deep Learning - better compatibility with N2V models from ZEISS ZEN
    • improved: Allow Holes option is on by default for the DL Segmenter
    • improved: better conflict validation when renaming DL trainings
    • fix: rare cases where positions of tracks after scaled analysis are incorrect
    • fix: potential wrong segment reference for cell body in a trace

    4D Viewer:

    • improved: auto zoom when double clicking an object is more usable in 4D Viewer
    • fix: sometimes traces (in cone display style) were not selectable in 4D Viewer


    • new: provide a description and an offline download for optional components in the installer
    • fix: improved compatibility for DeltaVision DV import
    • fix: What's New opens after an update more reliable
    • fix: installer makes sure that no files from former Vision4D versions are left in the installation folder
    • additional small fixes and improvements in the arivis_dl library
  • Summary of changes in arivis Vision4D 4.1, released 27 March 2023

    New & Noteworthy

    • New optional module: arivis AI toolkit features a complete Deep Learning workflow right in Vision4D - annotate, train & inference 
    • Various improvements in the tracing workflow 
    • Wellplate Editor to manually assign imagesets to wells or fields of a well 

    arivis AI Toolkit

    • new: Optional module arivis AI toolkit: 
    • new: Deep Learning Trainer panel to setup and train a DL model
    • new: use the Draw Tool to draw segments to annotate regions for classes 
    • new: utilizing of sparse annotations to overcome the need to draw on every pixel 
    • new: drawn objects are sorted by class order - pixels are assigned to the topmost one (no need to cut out overlaps) 
    • new: add and reuse existing segments for class definition 
    • new: automatic clustering based on annotated backgound possible 
    • new: run and monitor the DL training process right from Vision4D 
    • new: directly open the trained DL model in the Analysis Pipeline for inference 
    • new: export the trained DL model as ONNX 
    • new: additional installer package to setup a whole DL Python environment 


    • new: Draw Tool has a context menu and better keyboard shortcut support 
    • new: Draw Tool is aware of the DL Training panel 
    • new: Draw Tool allows to change class to draw by shortcut or context menu (in DL Trainer mode) 
    • improved: Trace Tool - connect to a cell body segment 
    • improved: Trace Tool - optimized remove branch 
    • improved: 'unable to connect' messages in the Trace Tool are more understandable 


    • new: 'Neuron Tracer' (from the Segmentation category) has been renamed to 'Neurite Tracer' 
    • new: 'Neuron Tracer (from Cell Body)' has been renamed to 'Neuron Tracer' 
    • new: Neuron Tracer preview shows all parts in the same color 
    • new: Neuron Tracer preview shows the filtered parts slighly dimmed (instead of hiding them completely) 
    • improved: parameter labels in the Neuron Tracer are more precise 
    • improved: default threshold value and threshold warnings in the Neuron Tracer 
    • improved: tooltips in the Neuron Tracer 
    • fix: if the tracking operation had a lot of results, it could happen that the last tracks were not displayed 
    • fix: prevent the creation of (almost) empty traces in the Neuron Tracer 
    • fix: ensure that a preview progress label is always displayed immediately 


    • new: display of starting points can be turned off for traces 
    • improved: optimized cone generation for traces in 4D Viewer 
    • improved: fallback to line based visualization if cones for traces would exceed memory 
    • improved: remember last used Z-Projection value for trace visualization in 2D 
    • fix: minor problem with RGB Projection in 4D Viewer 
    • Data Handling: 
    • new: Wellplate Editor to manually assign imagesets to wells or fields of a well 
    • new: semi-automatic assign imagesets to well or field positions based on the name of the imageset (in the Wellplate Editor) 
    • new: additional import scenario to import wells as imagesets and open the Wellplate Editor afterwards (for manual assignemnt) 
    • fix: some LaVision data could not be imported correctly for TileSorter 
    • fix: problems with some CZI if imported for TileSorter 


    • new: Predictive Analytics service as optional install 
    • new: gRPC service connector 
    • new: ZenBridge is able to work with gRPC service connector (optionally) 
    • improved: included Sentinel driver and HASP Lib have been upgraded to version 8.5 
    • fix: sort order in field selector of Navigator (for wellplate data) 
    • fix: rare crash in the Transform Surface dialog 
    • additional minor fixes and improvements 


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