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Service & Support

Your Benefits from ZEISS Service

ZEISS Microscopy has a world-class, global service organization complementing our cutting-edge systems.

  • Wherever you are, ZEISS is available ensuring
    you have the best possible support for your projects
  • Innovative Technologies are applied to sustain
    the performance of your ZEISS system
  • Our outstanding Service performance directly benefits our customers as it results in higher uptime

Why ZEISS Service?

ZEISS Service

World-Class Service
for World-Class Microscopes

  • You own a ZEISS microscope, or want to buy one?
  • You love the experience of working with ZEISS microscopes?
  • You want the best service and support for your ZEISS microscope so you can focus on your work?
  • You want to optimize your uptime with the latest support technologies?


Our Best-In-Class Services

For Your Microscope

  • Installation

    Your new microscope has arrived on site and one of our skilled Field Service Engineers (FSEs) installs it in your lab. After a short introduction to hardware and software, you can get started!

  • Training

    We cater to the diverse needs of our customers by offering different forms of training with everything from free online tutorials to open classroom trainings and bespoke sessions.

  • Support

    An expert for every issue – all the time. Our global Service organization operates across every continent, ensuring there´s always someone available to help.

  • Maintenance & Repair

    Maintenance & Repair - High performance devices need regular maintenance and skilled engineers to spot issues before they cause problems. In cases of a failing instrument, we use the latest support and diagnosis technologies to solve the problem while you focus on your research.

  • Upgrades

    Hardware and Software upgrades help you stay up-to-date throughout the lifetime of your device – for better quality results and a sustained, optimized experience.

  • Additional Services

    We continuously improve our range of services, such as calibration service or predictive service.

Service. We can always count on [the] ZEISS service team to address any issues we may have and they minimize the downtime of our system so we can continue to work and focus on our research.

Cecilia D'Alterio

University of California, Los Angeles, Molecular, Cell & Developmental Biology Department

Your Product May No Longer Be Supported

Discontinued Products

Eventually, your product reached "end of support" status, which means ZEISS can no longer guarantee to provide the technical expertise, parts availability, and a viable service process. You can search for your product and check whether it is affected.

ZEISS Microscopy Portal

Your One-stop Shop for Service and Support

All you need is a ZEISS Account

Easy Access

My Systems
Benefit from an overview of all your ZEISS equipment, Predictive Service insights, upgrade potentials and create service tickets 24/7 from here.

Access valuable training videos on a variety of technical topics, or even request new videos.

Find your new and upgradeable software in the portal and leverage the ample trial licenses we provide for our customers.



To keep your microscope always up to date please take advantage of this download section providing current product information, manuals and white papers, software updates and hotfixes as well as demo software.

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