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ZEISS Predictive Service

Your Service, One Call Away

Get fast support from ZEISS specialists by sharing real-time system data.  Leverage their expertise to resolve – or even prevent – incidents  before they cost you time and money.

  • Maintain Highest System Availability and Performance
  • Data Security
  • Proactive and Faster Customer Service
  • Get Detailed Performance Insights
  • No Need for Extra Hardware

Service Support Experts

Your Service one Call Away

  • Maintain Highest System Availability and Performance

    Increase your uptime through close monitoring of the system's condition as remote support can often provide immediate or even proactive solutions.

  • Proactive and Faster Customer Service

    Use secure remote desktop sharing to easily get an expert connected.

  • Get Detailed Performance Insights

    See relevant information and monitoring of your system(s) in the ZEISS Portal.

How does ZEISS Predictive Service work?

Once connected to your network and activated, ZEISS Predictive Service will automatically track the health status of your instrument and collect system log files to improve remote diagnosis. This data enables proactive alerting and prediction models to improve service efficiency significantly.

Relevant technical data such as operating hours, cycle counts and voltages, are periodically monitored and sent to our data center via a secure connection. Our Predictive Service application automatically receives, analyzes, and evaluates the performance of your microscope without interrupting your operation.

Data Security

We take data privacy as seriously as you do

No personal data will be collected. All data which could potentially contain any personal information (e.g. Windows login username etc.) will be  anonymized.  Please find further information about the data we store and exchange via ZEISS Predictive Service in the download section white paper.

Transmitted Data

Operator PC

Microscope Software

PC Name

Main Version

Hardware Data

Patch Version


Installed Service Pack


Various log files

Windows Information

Availability & Requirements

  • Light Microscopes

    Electron Microscopes

    X-Ray Microsopes

    Axio Scan.Z1

    Crossbeam series

    Xradia Versa series

    Celldiscoverer 7

    GeminiSEM series

    Xradia Context microCT

    LSM 800

    EVO series

    LSM 9XX series

    Merlin series

    Smartzoom 5

    Sigma series

    Axio Observer

    Axio Imager

    Axio Examiner

    Visioner 1

    Lattice Lightsheet 7

    Many ZEISS systems can benefit from Predictive Service. Please contact us for more details.

  • Supported operation systems

    System operation software requirements

    Windows 7 SP1 and higher

    ZEN blue: ZEN 2.3 and greater

    Established and working outbound internet connection

    The agent is built for an 32-Bit architecture but also supports 64-Bit (.NET Framework Version 4.7)

    SmartSEM: 5.06 and greater 

    Port 443

    XRM: Scout-and-Scan v11 and greater

Quick Facts

  • 3000

    Systems connected

  • > 60

    Different countries where systems are already connected

  • - 18%

    Mean-Time-To-Repair (MTTR)

  • Overview of countries where systems are already connected


    • ZEISS Predictive Service

      Discover how you benefit from our Remote Service Program

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    • ZEISS Predictive Service Flyer

      Advanced technology to save time and reduce outages

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    • ZEISS Predictive Service

      Technology information for our Remote Service Program

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