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We are an innovation driver in spectroscopy, providing the highest levels of reliability, sustainability and cost effectiveness for our clients and their measuring tasks. To achieve this, we use the latest optical components, systems and solutions.

Launch of new NIR spectrometer

Teaser for the new PGS 2.5


Enhanced performance & spectral range up to 2.5 μm

Introducing the new PGS NIR 2.5 spectrometer from ZEISS – the ultimate solution for high-quality NIR spectroscopy. Covering the broad wavelength range of 1200 - 2450 nm with a spectral dispersion of 5 nm/pixel, the PGS NIR 2.5 features improved InGaAs sensor technology that enables higher data rates and improved linearity. Tailored ZEISS gratings optimized for high NIR sensitivity ensure the best possible signal quality for your application. Contact us to learn more about the full potential of our newest addition to the PGS series.

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