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This page provides you with the download options for our SensoLogic products as well as all important information you need for a successful installation.

  • SL Calibration Generator
  • SL Calibration Wizard
  • SL Classification Wizard
  • SL Data Manager
  • SL Application Development Kit Runtime

Download information

Below you will find all SensoLogic product downloads. Please download the product(s) you purchased. Please activate your license afterwards. You will find the activation ID / product key on the shipping receipt you received by e-mail.

For further instructions or information regarding the activation of the software, please refer to the license management tool.

SL Calibration Generator

  • SL CalibrationGenerator

    Software for everyone to easily and quickly create chemometric models in just a few steps.

    File size: 364 MB

SL Calibration Wizard

  • SL Calibration Wizard

    For the development of calibrations and applications for chemometric analysis of quantitative product properties with step-by-step operator guidance.

    File size: 318 MB

SL Classification Wizard

  • SL Classification Wizard

    For the fast and easy creation of qualitative models in ready-to-use applications for routine analysis.

    File size: 320 MB

SL Data Manager

  • SL Data Manger

    For efficient management of data in CPF project files. It includes the most important functions of SL Utilities.

    File size: 408 MB

SL Calibration Suite

  • SL Calibration Suite

    Is a package which consist of SL Calibration Wizard and SL Data Manger and all important functions of SL Utilities.

    File size: 497 MB

SL Classification Suite

  • SL Classification Suite

    A package consisting of SL Classification Wizard and SL Data Manger.

    File size: 729 MB

SL Application Development Kit Runtime

  • SL ADK Runtime 3.2.4

    Prediction engine using models developed with SensoLogic software.

    File size: 112 MB

SL Predictor

    • SL Predictor 3.2.0

      Acquire spectra and sample data easily and perform routine analysis for use at-line or in the lab.

      File size: 281 MB

ZEISS License Management Tool

    • ZEISS License Management Tool

      Informationen zum Lizenz-Management-Tool für ZEISS InProcess ab Version 3.0.0

      Pages: 19
      File size: 1 MB

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