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This page provides you with the download options for our SensoLogic products as well as all important information you need for a successful installation.

  • SL Calibration Wizard
  • SL Data Manager
  • SL Calibration Suite

Download information

Below you will find all SensoLogic product downloads. Please download the product(s) you purchased. Please activate your license afterwards. You will find the activation ID / product key on the shipping receipt you received by e-mail.

For further instructions or information regarding the activation of the software, please refer to the license management tool.

SL Calibration Wizard

  • SL Calibration Wizard 3.1

    For the development of calibrations and applications for chemometric analysis of quantitative product properties with step-by-step operator guidance.

    File size: 208 MB

SL Data Manager

  • SL Data Manger 2.5

    For efficient management of data in CPF project files. It includes the most important functions of SL Utilities.

    File size: 297 MB

SL Calibration Suite

  • SL Calibration Suite 3.0

    Is a package which consist of SL Calibration Wizard and SL Data Manger and all important functions of SL Utilities.

    File size: 506 MB

ZEISS License Management Tool

    • ZEISS License Management Tool

      Contains all information and instructions for activating the ZEISS software licenses

      Pages: 14
      File size: 1 MB
    • ZEISS License Management Tool

      Enthält alle Informationen und Anleitungen zur Aktivierung der ZEISS Software-Lizenzen

      Pages: 14
      File size: 1 MB

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