Process and Analyze Your Microscopy Data on Dedicated Workstations

With ZEN desk you can separate your processing and analysis tasks from image acquisition. Relieve your microscopy imaging systems from time-consuming processing tasks and unleash the full analyzing power of ZEN on dedicated workstations.

  • Process images with scientifically proven algorithms
  • Visualize big data by GPU powered 3D engine
  • Analyze images via Machine Learning-based tools
  • Correlate between light and electron microscopes
  • Store raw data in a secure format locally or in the cloud

New Packaging Structure

Simplified Access to Endless Possibilities
Simplified Access to Endless Possibilities

* Includes Base Acquisition Package ** No device control and acquisition features *** Requires 2D Toolkit Package **** Sold as a stand-alone software

* Includes Base Acquisition Package ** No device control and acquisition features *** Requires 2D Toolkit Package **** Sold as a stand-alone software

Simplified Access to Endless Possibilities

ZEN software provides a comprehensive end-to-end solution for any microscopy user, continuously evolving to address emerging life science applications with added features, e.g., automated smart acquisition, intuitive image analysis, and cloud-based data management. However, the increased capabilities also make the ZEN ecosystem complex.  With ZEN version 3.6, you get simplified options that make the numerous capabilities of the software more accessible. Many  ZEN modules show great synergy  and have been frequently combined to get your specific job done. Using that as the guiding principle, we have  consolidated  all the  powerful software functionalities  into a  simple set of acquisition, toolkit, and application packages tailored to your experiments. The packages come with a substantial price saving compared to the individual modules, so you can get more value for your investment.

ZEN desk Packages

  • 2D
    Employ extended image processing functions and perform automatic 2D image analysis guided by an intuitive software wizard.

    Employ extended image processing functions, visualize 3D/4D image stacks with advanced rendering tools, and perform 3D image analysis guided by an intuitive software wizard.

    Visualize and analyze 3D/4D data of unlimited size with the flexible pipelines and machine learning tools of the stand-alone Vision4D software platform.

    Segment, classify, and denoise images based on deep learning algorithms accessible through a dedicated user interface for training AI models.

    Acquire and correlate images from different instruments such as light and electron microscopes, with a sample-centric workspace and a dedicated file management system.

    Customize and automate image acquisition, processing, and analysis with a dedicated Python script editor for recording, debugging, and code completion.

    Molecular Quantification
    Acquire and analyze molecular dynamics using FRAP, FRET, and ratio imaging within a dedicated analysis workspace using the most established algorithms.  

    Intuitively enhance the resolution of 2D and 3D data down to 120 nm using 15 published deconvolution algorithms, powered by efficient multi-CPU/multi-GPU processing.

  • Bio Apps
    Perform out-of-the-box cell counting, confluency measurement, spot detection, and gene/protein expression with AI-based segmentation and tailored result presentation.


    • ZEN Microscopy Software

      Your Complete Solution from Sample to Knowledge

      Pages: 32
      File size: 5 MB
    • ZEN Data Storage and Data Explorer

      Smart data management in life sciences

      Pages: 4
      File size: 2 MB
    • Quick Guide ZEN (blue edition)

      Pages: 22
      File size: 3 MB

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