engineer sits in front of the computer in a production environment in his office, the screens show the interface of the inprocess software

InProcess Software for process optimization

InProcess makes the most of your production by allowing you to monitor, adjust and gain valuable data from your ZEISS spectrometers. Icon based and intuitive, InProcess is also fully customizable.

  • Quick display of results
  • Easy to use
  • User customizable
  • Industry 4.0 ready

Flexible measurement

Get results just the way you like them

Measurements can be displayed as a spectrum, value, or trend. You can configure measurement behavior, calculation results and representation graphs and tailor them to your specific needs. You can also access all previous measurement and results as well as spectrum data exports, measurement values and sample information.

Screenshot of InProcess Software interface, icon-based and intuitive interface with clear structure

Easy to use

An intuitive interface

Icon-based menus provide an intuitive, easy-to-use interface with clear structures and logical processes. InProcess is designed to make it simple to work with complex datasets and use them to optimize processes and collecting valuable information. You can also create and manage groups of users with various levels of access and use InProcess in different languages.

Connectivity through software shown via different icons, cloud-based solution, industry 4.0

Fully connected

Access and information for all

The software also communicates with common fieldbus systems and industry standards, like OPC UA, DA, Modbus, Profinet, Profibus, Ethernet/IP and more. InProcess is ready for Industry 4.0 and provides all the information you need anytime, anywhere. Connected spectroscopy gives you unparalleled flexibility with real time data and instant insight into production processes and quality.

Over the shoulder shot of engineer working with SensoLogic software on screen desktop computer. In the background engineering facility with industrial design

Open software

Full compatibility and flexibility

In addition to  the SensoLogic products acquired from ZEISS,  InProcess also supports  all other common chemometric software, such as GRAMS IQTM, Aspen UnscramblerTM and  UCalTM.

Making good connections Better production from better data sharing and integration

  • ZEISS Connected spectroscopy

    Our spectrometers are not just precise, reliable and robust, it’s also easy to integrate them into a wide variety of client networks to communicate key data and measurement parameters quickly and effectively.

    (Video: © Microsoft) | Optimize digital operations with ZEISS spectroscopy solutions

By integrating a connected spectroscopy solution directly into the production line, clients can measure quality indicators such as fat content, moisture, or salt content in a matter of seconds. This information then goes to the cloud and the client can react quickly to process variations, increasing quality and productivity, while using raw materials and energy in a more efficient way at the same time. In short: they gain an advantage by consistently delivering quality like never before.

Dr. Christian Korth

Managing Director of Carl Zeiss Spectroscopy GmbH

ZEISS ProcessLinker

The key connection between network and production

Connection around the world and between networks and production illustrated by connected dots forming a globe, hovering over a mans hand

Communicate easily, connect reliably

ZEISS ProcessLinker establishes communication between devices and data monitoring by serving as the link between a production data server or PLC and ZEISS spectrometer systems integrat­ed into the production line. Communication between sensors, process monitoring devices and control systems plays a crucial role in production. ZEISS ProcessLinker makes it easy to integrate products into existing or new production lines by connecting ZEISS spectrometers via field busses, industrial Ethernet or IoT interfaces in the plant network. This makes it even easier to optimize and control production.


ZEISS ProcessLinker

  • Connecting environments

    Software to integrate ZEISS spectrometers into client processes

  • Expanding possibilities

    Connect via Profibus, Profinet, Modbus, Ethernet/IP, OPC UA and more

  • Providing flexibility

    Convert data on the fly and make custom configurations

  • Making connections seamless

    Profit from ZEISS measurement directly on the production line


  • Connected Spectroscopy

    Process optimization with connected ZEISS Spectrometers

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  • ZEISS ProcessLinker

    ZEISS ProcessLinker, a process communication tool, perfect In-Process Communication

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