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SensoLogic Family A modular analytic solution

The SensoLogic (SL) product family for chemometric spectroscopy is a comprehensive quantitative and qualitative solution that simplifies modeling and use of your applications with consistent workflow orientation and clear, concise user instructions. Originally developed by "SensoLogic GmbH Software + Sensor Systeme", these products are now owned, maintained and distributed by ZEISS. SensoLogic products provide data acquisition and management, modeling and routine analysis.

  • With step-by-step guide
  • Use with any of your spectrometers
  • Easy to use for anyone

Software that simplifies Acquire, manage, model and analyze more easily

  • Icon data aquisition

    Phase 1: Data acquisition

    SL Predictor

  • Icon data management

    Phase 2: Data management

    SL Data Manager

  • Icon modeling

    Phase 3: Modeling

    SL Classification Wizard
    SL Calibration Wizard

  • Icon routine analysis

    Phase 4: Routine analysis

    SL Predictor

  • SL Predictor

    Data acquisition & routine analysis

    Acquire spectra and sample data easily for efficient modeling and perform routine analysis for use in the lab or production.


    • Fast and easy acquisition of spectra
    • Acquisition of reference analysis values are possible during spectra acquisition
    • Quantitative and qualitative analysis of unknown samples in routine operation
    • Individual spectrometer configuration by integrated original drivers for spectrometers from other manufacturers
  • SL Data Manager

    Data management

    Manage data efficiently in CPF project files and prepare model development and calibration effectively and skillfully.


    • Preparation of work series for modeling
    • Zoomable spectra graph and property filters for spectra selection
    • Import and export of spectra and sample data in XLSX format as well as spectra series from JCAMP-DX
    • Useful tools such as off-line prediction, bias & skew adjustment, wavelength range conversion and subset selection
  • SL Calibration Wizard


    Develop calibrations for the chemometric measurement of quantitative product properties.


    • Guided quantitative modeling in clear steps, even for beginners
    • Parallel processing of multiple models possible, with up to 50 calibrations
    • Scalable automation capabilities
    • Ideal for beginners and experienced users alike
  • SL Classification Wizard


    Develop models for chemometric identification of different product classes.


    • Simple to use, with easy-to-follow instructions
    • Processing of several models possible at the same time
    • Various automation options
    • Sophisticated configuration and evaluation tools available for the individual adaptation of model parameters
  • SL ADK Runtime

    Routine analysis

    Develop your own control software with comprehensive function libraries.


    • Runtime engine for the use of models developed with SL software for implementation in self-developed control software for sensors
    • Quantitative and qualitative prediction of different model types
    • Documentation and programming examples for developers included

The benefits are logical

SensoLogic for intelligent, modular chemometrics

  • Be guided, step-by-step

    SensoLogic software is quick and easy to use for everyone thanks to intuitive guidance, even for those without expert knowledge of chemometrics.

  • Create models that work

    Generate models that make sense and that work as they should, thanks to checking according to ASTM criteria that prevents correlations that cannot exist in reality.

  • Enjoy continuity and consistency in performance

    Everyone can continue contributing to SensoLogic products as before – the only difference is that ZEISS provides them now. Regardless of whether you’re from a research institute, university, or spectrometer manufacturer.

  • Profit from a complete package

    We’ve got a solution for every step in the workflow – from data acquisition, data management, model development to routine measurement.

  • Keep costs low and stay flexible

    Our software is competitively priced and we offer flexible solutions for the development of models for quantitative and qualitative analysis.

  • One software for all of your spectrometers

    Use SensoLogic software for all your spectrometers, including those made by other, non-ZEISS manufacturers.

SensoLogic is clever in its modularity and provides optimal user safety thanks to a strict application of ASTM criteria. This means it’s not possible to have correlations that cannot exist, which ensures that the models created with the software provide value and meaningful data.

Dr. Christian Buck

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Experience it yourself

SensoLogic Calibration Wizard

  • Good calibration doesn't have to be difficult

    SensoLogic Calibration Wizard helps you perform effective analysis in the lab or in production


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    SensoLogic® software from ZEISS

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