ZEISS Preconfigured Widefield Microscope Bundles

Preconfigured Widefield Microscope Bundles

Tailored to your applications. Flexibly expandable as needed.

Research-grade widefield microscopes provide highest imaging performance for a wide range of applications. However, with the abundance of options comes the need to carefully configure such systems to best support your specific experiments.

For this reason, we have developed three attractive configurations specifically tailored to applications that are relevant to many research areas. Each bundle includes a perfectly matched selection of hardware and software to ensure an efficient workflow from image acquisition to data processing.  

If you need further customization, the bundles can be extended and upgraded with software modules and accessories.

  • Bundle for Live Cell Imaging
  • Bundle for Optical Sectioning
  • Bundle for Screening Applications

Bundle Overview

Live Cell Imaging BundleCourtesy: L. Behrendt, Fritz Lipmann Institute, Germany.
Courtesy: L. Behrendt, Fritz Lipmann Institute, Germany.

Live Cell Imaging

Matching the environmental conditions of life

In-vivo experiments require conditions that correspond to the natural environment. This bundle was designed for fast acquisition of dynamic processes. Its components ensure stable environmental conditions and highest image quality at different temperatures.

Optical Sectioning BundleCourtesy: V. Weichselberger, University Freiburg, Germany.
Courtesy: V. Weichselberger, University Freiburg, Germany.

Optical Sectioning

Creating crisp sections of thick samples with ease

Optical sectioning is used to create crisp images of thick samples by removing out-of-focus light. This system bundle enables optical sections of various sample types like organoids, tissues, or plant cells with high resolution and fast acquisition speed.

Screening Applications BundleCourtesy: S. Arber, S. Thornton, Friedrich Miescher Institute, Switzerland.
Courtesy: S. Arber, S. Thornton, Friedrich Miescher Institute, Switzerland.

Screening Applications

Fast acquisition and evaluation of large areas

The combination of excellent image quality and high imaging speed is crucial for obtaining statistically meaningful data. This system bundle was assembled to support high-throughput screening applications with efficient acquisition and analysis.

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