Pushing Boundaries of your EVO: Exploring VP mode, High-Resolution Imaging and Challenging Samples

A ZMCC SkillBuilder Workshop

10am - 1pm PST

Workshop Overview & Agenda

Continuing with the previous series of EVO virtual workshops, this new session aims to equip participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively operate ZEISS EVO scanning electron microscopes (SEMs), with a special focus on VP Mode operation and achieving high resolution imaging. While this workshop is geared for experienced EVO operators, prior experience is not required for attendance.

Participants are encouraged to allocate time on their instruments following the workshop sessions to apply the techniques learned to their own samples. Additionally, sharing images from individual sessions and engaging with our Applications team via email threads for further optimization is highly recommended.

The workshop, which spans three hours, will be conducted online and streamed live from the ZEISS EVO 15 SEM (LaB6) with Variable Pressure at the ZEISS Microscopy Customer Center (ZMCC) in Dublin, CA. Utilizing screen-sharing from the instrument and multiple cameras, participants will have a comprehensive view of the instrument's operation as our SEM Application experts cover a detailed itinerary of training topics.

Topics that will be covered in this workshop include:

  • Ideal imaging conditions to unleash the highest resolution mode for High Vacuum conditions
  • Low kV Imaging of “difficult” samples
  • Variable pressure theory
  • Role of the final apertures: EasyVP, VP and upper EP apertures
  • Variable pressure operation using conductive, non-conductive, and beam sensitive materials (High Vacuum vs Variable Pressure)
  • Varying Imaging Conditions to Optimize VP Imaging
  • Utilizing different image collection conditions (line average, line scan, point, and drift correction)

Who should attend?

  • Existing users of ZEISS EVO SEMs (EVO 10/15/25, EVO MA/LS, EVO 40/50/60).
  • Infrequent SEM users in need of a refresh of theory and techniques related to low-kV imaging, imaging of non-conductive or beam sensitive samples, and variable pressure imaging.
  • Lab managers or technicians looking to improve their own skill level to better support and/or train other users of the instrument.

Learning objectives after completion of this workshop, attendees should:

  • Improved understanding of the steps required to operate a ZEISS SEM system on variable pressure mode.
  • Improved parameter selection to optimize the quality of imaging conditions for High-Vacuum operation.
  • Efficient operation and set up of Variable Pressure mode for ZESS EVO family.

This is a paid workshop.​
Spots are limited.​

Access to a ZEISS EVO system is strongly recommended to apply lessons learned and share results with applications team for further support.​

Nathaniel Cohan Applications Engineer

Nathaniel joined the ZEISS Applications team in 2019 covering both Context and Versa XRM systems. Since 2020, he's expanded to cover SEM Applications on both the EVO C-SEM and Sigma and GeminiSEM FE-SEMs. Prior to working at ZEISS, Nate utilized electron microscopy techniques while studying protein biophysics at FSU and UCSD, and was an associate faculty of Chemistry at MiraCosta and Grossmont Colleges in San Diego. 

David Giraldo, PhD Applications Engineer

David has been working with and promoting SEM and FIB-SEM microscopy solutions since 2017. He joined ZEISS since 2022 as Product Applications and Sales Specialist covering both EM and XRM systems. Since 2023, David joined ZEISS EM Applications team and is responsible for SEM Applications on EVO C-SEM, Sigma FE-SEM and Crossbeam FIB-SEM at Zeiss Microscopy Customer Center in California. David has a background in materials science centered around biomaterials and tissue engineering but has extensive experience collaborating with scientists and engineers within the areas of materials and process characterization as well as industrial applications of SEMs systems.