ZEISS Confomap V9

ZEISS Confomap

Your Solution for In-Depth Surface Understanding

Confomap Surface Imaging and Analysis Software works for all ZEISS light microscopes (digital, widefield or confocal). Confomap includes numerous analytical tools to characterize images, 2D profiles and 3D topographies (including surface geometries and roughness) and provides detailed surface metrology reports in accordance with latest international standards and methods.
Amongst others the modular setup allows you to visualize and analyze.

  • Profile and surface roughness and flatness according to various ISOs
  • Image processing and data correction
  • Advanced contour, particle, and correlative analysis
  • Statistical analysis
  • Easy creation of pdf reports

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    • ZEISS ConfoMap

      Surface Imaging and Analysis Software for ZEISS Microscopes

      File size: 3 MB
    • Wire Bonding Inspection

      by Digital Optical Microscopy

      File size: 3 MB

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If you want to have more information on data processing at ZEISS please refer to our data privacy notice.