ZEISS Labscope for Classroom

ZEISS Labscope

Create engaging lessons with your digital classroom.

With ZEISS Labscope, you choose an easy-to-use imaging app. Whether for your lectures or your microscope practicals, at university, school or college - you bring microscopy to life.

Take pictures, record videos and measure your microscopic samples at the touch of a button. You can easily switch between all the microscopes in your connected classroom. As you move freely around the room, "lecture and listen" becomes "interact and motivate".

  • Observe how your students are doing in real-time
  • Enjoy live images and view live thumbnails from all your connected microscopes.
  • Project images to discuss and collaborate with the whole class.
Enjoy Connected Microscopy
Enjoy Connected Microscopy

Enjoy Connected Microscopy

With Labscope you vizualise all microscopes in your digital classroom network. You display all the live images from your network at any time and from anywhere in the room. And easily observe, comment and share the images from a distance.

Simple. Imaging. App.

Simple. Imaging. App.

Whether you’re using a Windows PC with mouse and keyboard, with touchscreen, an Android device, or an iPad or iPhone we’ve got you covered. Labscope runs on all of these devices. You switch effortlessly between microscopes and get real-time thumbnails of all microscopes in the room.

Fun to Work With

Fun to Work with

Get your students measuring, annotating and documenting their results by making it easy to snap images or record videos. Use the integrated pointer to lead your students to areas of interest. Let them do their hand drawings with the drawing function. Or opt for Labscope Teacher to manage and organize your digital classroom.

Basic Features

  •  Microscope list

    Microscope list

    Get an overview of all connected microscopes. Manage and work on them easily.

  • Live view and acquisition modes

    Live view and acquisition modes

    High-quality live image and multiple acquisition modes make your microscopy work more flexible.

  •  Annotations and measurements

    Annotations and measurements

    Choose between 15 types of annotations and easy adjustments of color and size.

  • Split view

    Split view

    Compare your images in detail with the split view. Zoom in and zoom out, and even save the image of split view for documentation.

  • Report


    Different kinds of report templates are prepared for you to quickly create reports from your microscopy work.

  • File management

    File management

    Sort, search and share your images, videos and reports. Barcode scanning is also available when you want to set a file name or search a file.

ZEISS Labscope Teacher - Manage and Organize Your Digital Classroom

Opt for the powerful new Teacher module to expand your Labscope installation. Labscope Teacher puts you in charge of all connected microscopes in the network, while you move freely around the classroom. It lets you define working groups, send them group-specific tasks and share digital information such as documents or presentations, thereby fostering teamwork. Your master device makes it easy to keep everybody on track. You only need to define your classroom layout once. Then simply reload to start the lesson, saving valuable teaching time.


  • Dashboard


    Get an overview

  • Create Class

    Create Class

    Set up a class layout

  • Start Class

    Start Class

    Begin your lesson

  • Share Screen

    Share Screen

    Let your students follow your screen

  • Share Documents

    Share Documents

    Distribute documents or videos

  • Chat


    Communicate with your students

Watch the How-to Videos

  • Drawing Tube

  • Pointer function

  • Do hand drawings of microscopy images without drawing skills. The translucent sketch solution provides an inspiring learning style.
    Drawing Tube
  • How to use the laserpointer in ZEISS Labscope
    Pointer function

Listen to Customer Voices

  • Hainberg Gymnasium Goettingen

  • School for Medical Laboratory Technicians

  • University of Exeter


    • ZEISS Labscope

      Your microscope software to empower digital education.

      File size: 3 MB
    • Flyer: Break free from your device.

      ZEISS Labscope for Android

      File size: 1 MB
    • ZEISS Labscope

      Simple. Imaging. App.

      File size: 1 MB
    • ZEISS Labscope for Digital Classrooms

      Create your digital classroom with connected microscopes.

      File size: 2 MB
    • ZEISS Labscope Teacher

      Organize and manage your digital classroom efficiently.

      File size: 1 MB
    • ZEISS Labscope

      Create Your Own Digital Classroom

      File size: 2 MB
    • Digital Biology Education

      Online teaching and homeschooling with ZEISS Labscope

      File size: 1 MB
    • From macroscopic to microscopic anatomy

      How the Use of Microscopes in Medical Education is Evolving. Review and Outlook

      File size: 3 MB
    • Preparation of IT infrastructure for Digital Classroom

      Quick Guide

      File size: 4 MB
    • Quick Guide - ZEISS Labscope v2.9

      Multichannel Acquisition

      File size: 3 MB
    • ZEISS Labscope Teacher

      Quick Guide

      File size: 2 MB
    • Lezione digitale di biologia

      Apprendimento remoto e didattica a distanza con l'app ZEISS Labscope

      File size: 1 MB
    • ZEISS Labscope per Android

      Liberi dai dispositivi.

      File size: 1 MB

Visit the ZEISS Download Center for available translations and further manuals.


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