Refine the dating of lithological successions and reveal past environments
Microscopy Solutions for Natural Resources

Paleontology & Palynology

Refine the Dating of Lithological Successions and Reveal past Environments

Modern microscopy solutions allow us to reveal finer details, in 2D and 3D, than has ever been possible before . The enhanced image clarity and resolution allow the more precise identification of palinomorphs, aiding in the exploration of their microscopic features.Ïhe microscopic examination of fossilized specimens, in 2D and 3D, helps to elucidate:

  • Species identification, especially for small or fragmentary fossils
  • Study of taphonomy and diagenesis
  • Paleoenvironmental reconstructions based on microfossil analysis whilst connected microscopy techniques aid in the documentation and sharing of detailed visual and analytical data.
  • Learn how you can gain a deeper understanding of the past, unraveling the secrets of ancient life, ecosystems, and environments with the help of ZEISS microscopy solutions.


By examining microtextures and mineralization patterns, paleontologists can better understand the conditions that contribute to successful fossilization, helping to identify biases and improve interpretations. ZEISS microscopy techniques allow for the detailed examination of even small or fragmentary fossils, providing valuable insights into their structure and morphology. This can help in reconstructing complete organisms or understanding the organisms based on limited fossil remains. Non-destructive imaging of irreplaceable samples can be accomplished using multiscale 3D X-ray microscopy. This allows you to make 3D morphological measurements on internal structures without interfering with the sample in any way.


  • ZEISS Microscopy Solutions for Geoscience

    Understanding the fundamental processes that shape the universe expressed at the smallest of scales

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  • ZEISS Microscopy Solutions for Oil & Gas

    Understanding reservoir behavior with pore scale analysis

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