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ZEISS Microscopy Customer Center, Bay Area

Dublin, California

The ZEISS Microscopy Customer Center gives academic and industry customers across North America both in-person and virtual opportunities to interact with the latest ZEISS electron, light, and X-ray microscopes. The Customer Center is supported by resident application experts in life science, materials research, and electronics who review customers' requirements and applications to provide them with the best possible solutions. Customers also have access to a sophisticated sample preparation laboratory that supports the materials research, electronics and life science markets.

ZEISS Microscopy Solutions Center

Jupiter, Florida

The ZEISS Microscopy Solutions Center, located in the Stiles-Nicholson Brain Institute, provides advanced training and development of specialized microscopy workflows for scientists to accelerate their research. Established as part of the Jupiter Biodiscovery and Innovation Hub, this location leverages exploratory research happening on campus by providing access to the latest microscopy and image analysis solutions from ZEISS. This center will serve as an incubator where ideas are nurtured and supported until they eventually bloom into solutions that benefit the life science research community.

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