3D/4D Imaging and Analysis with X-rays: Updates on the State of the Science

An educational mini-series on research with lab-based X-ray microscopy

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High resolution X-ray microscopy (XRM) has grown out of the synchrotron community, to provide a critical capability in today’s suite of lab-based characterization equipment. As the field continues to evolve rapidly and new innovations expand the reach of the technique, tune in to this mini-series to gain quick updates on how XRM is making an impact in your field of work.    

- Short 15-minute episodes provide the critical information quickly and easily
- Recieve video content for just the topics you are interested in

Topics of the mini-series

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Episode 1 Welcome & Introduction

Intended audience: Anyone registering for other episodes in the series, microscopy lab managers and directors

- Gain an overview of 3D X-ray imaging ​
- How does 3D X-ray complement other common microscopy techniques?​
- Understand the main differences between different instrument types (microCT vs sub-micron XRM vs nanoscale XRM)​
- See a brief survey of recent technology innovations supporting research​
- Introduction to the remainder of the series

Episode 2 Energy Conversion & Storage
  • Intended audience: Researchers in battery and fuel cell materials, electrochemists, chemical engineers  

    - Using XRM to gain a nondestructive view inside intact cells  

  • - How XRM can help understand 3D electrode morphology, transport processes, defect distributions

  • - Study degradation and cycling behavior using 4D imaging

Episode 3 Life Science & Biomaterials
  • Intended audience: Core imaging facility personnel, multimodal imaging specialists, bone and mineralized tissue researchers, plant scientists, soft tissue researchers  

    - Explore the power of non-destructive 3D imaging solutions in life science applications

  • - Understand capabilities for structural imaging in soft and mineralized tissue without complex staining

  • - Observe 3D cellular detail of plant structure without sectioning

  • - Discover how XRM initiates multimodal, multi-scale workflows

  • - Learn how to streamline your synchrotron or volume electron microscopy workflows

Episode 4 Geoscience & Natural Resources
  • Intended audience: Geologists, Earth Scientists, Petroleum Engineers, Mining Technologists  -

    - See the latest advances in quantitative microCT for Geoscience  

  • - Understand quantitative material classification for 3D automated mineralogy  

  • - Use diffraction contrast tomography for non-destructive crystal orientation analysis

Episode 6 Semiconductor & Electronics
  • Intended audience: Semiconductor packaging R&D and failure analysts

    - Learn about packaging trends and the pressure on non-destructive package analysis

  • - Understand 3D X-ray microscopy compared to microCT and its application in the package FA workflow

  • - Gain insights into new technology for 4x faster 3D X-ray scans at submicron resolution on intact packages

Episode 5 Engineering Materials
  • Intended audience: Materials Scientists, Engineers, Physicists, Chemists  

    - See how to use 3D X-ray imaging to understand processing-structure-property relationships

  • - Interrogate internal morphology in metals, composites, ceramics, and cementitious materials

  • - Map cracks and failures in bulk or multi-materials systems non-destructively

  • - See how diffraction contrast tomography reveals 3D crystallographic grain structures


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