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XRM Lunch & Learn

Your Next Generation X-Ray Microscope for Non-destructive 3D Imaging at Submicron Resolution

Hosted by Arturas Vailionis, Ph.D., Director of X-Ray Diffraction Lab, Stanford University

Your Next Generation X-ray Microscope for Non-destructive 3D Imaging at Submicron Resolution

Your local ZEISS team is pleased to invite you to the ZEISS X-ray Microscopy Lunch & Learn hosted by Arturas Vailionis, Ph.D., Director of X-Ray Diffraction Lab, Stanford University. Join us for an introduction to the latest features in X-ray microscopy, followed by a virtual demonstration of the ZEISS Versa 630 live from the ZEISS Microscopy Customer Center in Dublin, CA.

In this Lunch & Learn, you will learn how:

  • Fundamentals in X-ray Microscopy have led to its vast utility in providing high-resolution micrographs of biological structures with unprecedented detail.
  • Features such as the unique resolution-at-a-distance (RaaD), phase contrast imaging, and deep learning reconstruction algorithms will provide images with the highest resolution and contrast, in the shortest time.
  • The easy-to-use NavX software will enable any user at any experience level to easily create automated workflows that will efficiently deliver quality results.
  • ZEISS’s advanced Dragonfly Pro software solutions will accelerate your workflows and help you extract more quantitative data from your images.
  • The ZEISS X-ray microscopy solutions are elucidating features in the medical sciences such as cartilage growth in mouse models and bone growth at implant-to-bone interfaces.

Virtual Demo

Right after our presentation, we will stream a 30-minute live demo highlighting how our ZEISS system can enhance your research in biological imaging. We will show you our automated end-to-end solution from sample placement all the way to 3D image analysis with DragonFly Pro.

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Image  courtesy of Dr. Keith Duncan, Donald Danforth Plant Science Center, USA


XRM Lunch & Learn

The in-person event is now at capacity. Please join us for the presentation and virtual demo remotely via Microsoft Teams.  Webinar details will be provided via email after you register below.    

Ben Figueroa, Ph.D. Account Manager

Prior to joining ZEISS, Benjamin Figueroa earned his PhD in Chemistry at the University of Washington-Seattle’s Chemistry Department, where he also spent a year as a Postdoctoral scholar. His work included developing new spectroscopy and imaging techniques for understanding single cell metabolism and developing early disease diagnosis tools. Leveraging his expertise in physics, optics, and engineering, his work pushed the frontier of an advanced Raman imaging technique called SRS microscopy as a state-of-the-art optical technique.

Steven Hernandez Product and Applications Sales Specialist

Steven Hernandez received his master’s in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Arizona where he was also the lead microscopist running the SEM core facility. He has over 13 years of experience with electron microscopy from academia to high volume photomask manufacturing and failure analysis.


Lunch & Learn Location

Stanford University 450 Serra Mall 94305 Stanford, CA