ZEISS Axio Observer live

ZEISS Axio Observer live

Capture and Evaluate Dynamic Processes in Living Samples

The preconfigured microscope bundle ZEISS Axio Observer live provides you with an efficient workflow for data collection that is specifically designed with stable environmental controls for your living samples while providing the highest possible imaging quality, even at different temperatures. ZEISS Axio Observer live is the solution you need from reliable data acquisition through to complex data analyses that unravels new insights in your research.

  • Study stem cell differentiation
  • Observe cell migration​
  • Capture any dynamic molecular processes​
Live cell gene expression experiment: How to identify transfection efficiencies ​

Speed up Your Live Cell Experiments

Incubators typically restrict the access to your sample, making formerly simple tasks like positioning, focusing and generation of an overview image more complicated. AI Sample Finder performs these tasks with the push of a button. Application of immersion media to your water immersion objectives is performed in less than a second without changing focus, stage position, or disturbing the incubation chamber for independent, automated imaging. Environmental parameters are automatically recorded so that you can be confident that the observed dynamics are not caused by fluctuating temperature or atmosphere. Additionally, ZEISS Axio Observer live is equipped with advanced software tools for streamlined analyses of large, multivalued timelapse experiments. ​

Bundle Components

  • Microscope

    • Axio Observer 7 (inverted widefield microscope stand)​
    • Scanning stage 130 × 100​
    • Motorized condenser NA 0.55​
    • Definite Focus 3​
    • AI Sample Finder​
    • Autoimmersion Module​
    • Dual filter wheel mot.

    Light source / camera

    • Colibri 7​
    • Filter sets LED SBP, 91, 112​
    • Axiocam 820 mono


    • EC Plan-Neofluar 5× / 0.16​
    • Plan-Apochromat 10× / 0.45​
    • Plan-Apochromat 20× / 0.8​
    • LD LCI Plan-Apochromat 40× / 1.2 Imm Corr DIC

    Environmental control

    • Glass Lid CO₂/O₂ heated​
    • Temperature Controller​
    • Gas Mixer CO₂​
    • Heated Plate K with 3 Inserts


    • Z6 Workstation with 128 GB RAM and nVidia Quadro RTXA5000 24 GB
  • Motorized Acquisition​

    • Acquire images and control motorized components in multi-dimensional experiments.

    2D Toolkit

    • Create flexible automatic measurement programs for the analysis of your 2D images.

    Molecular Quantification Toolkit​

    • Investigate diverse dynamic and molecular interaction phenomena of diverse specimens.​

    Deconvolution Toolkit​

    • Sharpen your images with mathematically exact deconvolution and make previously unknown structures visible by increasing your image contrast and resolution.​


    • ZEISS Axio Observer Bundle for Live Cell Imaging

      Matching the environmental conditions of life

      File size: 1 MB

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