ZEISS Labscope for Your Daily Laboratory Work

ZEISS Labscope

for Your Daily Laboratory Work

Labscope is your choice to get fast results at the push of a button. From image acquisition, handy built-in measurement functions up to easy data sharing – with
functions dedicated to your daily workflow, you can increase the efficiency of your biomedical lab.

With Labscope you acquire brilliant images and get meaningful and reproducible results with ease.

Basic Features

  • Live view and acquisition modes

    Live view and acquisition modes

    High-quality live image and multiple acquisition modes make your microscopy work more flexible.

  • Aquisition parameters and histogram

    Aquisition parameters and histogram

    Adapt the distribution of light in your image.

  •  Annotations and measurements

    Annotations and measurements

    Choose between 15 types of annotations and easy adjustments of color and size.

  • Report


    Different kinds of report templates are prepared for you to quickly create reports from your microscopy work.

  • File management

    File management

    Sort, search and share your images, videos and reports. Barcode scanning is also available when you want to set a file name or search a file.

Get Fast Results, Reproducible.

With AI.

Analyze the number of cells and the covered cell area automatically using artificial intelligence. The Labscope modules AI Cell Confluency and AI Cell Counting perfectly fit into your workflow. You examine your cells as usual. As you move from one position to the other in your cell culture vessel, simply take a picture. The images are automatically analyzed and you receive an instant result, visually and quantitatively.

Acquire Multichannel Fluorescence Images Easily.

Labscope delivers excellent results with fast time to image. In combination with a smart ZEISS microscope, you simply focus your sample and press a single button to save a crisp image of your cell or tissue culture. Settings and parameters are automatically adjusted for you. And this is true as well for transmitted light as for multichannel fluorescence images.

Manually Acquire Virtual Slides with Ease

Wether you want to digitize a complete sample or only parts of your sample in high resolution, Labscope Fast Panorama provides an easy solution to do so. By manually moving the stage of your microscope, images of the sample will be stitched together automatically into a panorama picture. This is the ideal solution if you have to scan whole slide images (WSI) once in a while.

  • Culture Cells Reproducibly


    • Reproducible Cell Experiments

      Realized by ZEISS Labscope AI Cell Confluency and AI Cell Counting

      File size: 1 MB
    • ZEISS Labscope

      Simple. Imaging. App.

      File size: 1 MB
    • ZEISS Labscope Fast Panorama

      Manual whole slide imaging

      File size: 3 MB
    • ZEISS Microscope Software for Your Routine Laboratory - Flyer

      Get it done. Easy.

      File size: 1 MB
    • Quick Guide - ZEISS Labscope v2.9

      Multichannel Acquisition

      File size: 3 MB
    • Software Manual

      ZEISS Labscope v3.4

      File size: 3 MB

Visit the ZEISS Download Center for available translations and further manuals.


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