Software Suite for Connected Microscopy from the Materials Lab to Production

ZEN core handles more than just microscopy imaging. ZEN core is the most comprehensive suite of imaging, segmentation, analysis, and data connectivity tools for multi-modal microscopy in connected material laboratories.

  • Easy to configure, easy to use - the adaptive user interface
  • Advanced imaging and automated analysis
  • Connected lab
ZEISS ZEN - ZEN Packages Structure
ZEISS ZEN - ZEN Packages Structure

1. Microscope and camera control 2. Data acquisition and analysis 3. Correlative microscopy 4. Post-acquisition analysis 5. Automated segmentation 6. Contextual analysis 7. Integrated reporting
8. Mobile Access 9. Central Data Management 10. Connectivity between systems, laboratories, and locations 11. Interfaces for further analysis

One Interface for all ZEISS Microscopes in a Multi-user Environment

From entry-level stereo microscopes to fully automated imaging systems, ZEN core provides you with a unified user interface for ZEISS microscopes and cameras. Perform multi-modal workflows and correlate light and electron microscopy. Connect all imaging and analytcal data between systems, laboratories, and locations.

Advanced Imaging and Automated Analysis

Advanced Imaging and Automated Analysis

ZEN core is your command center for automated imaging and analysis functions on compound light microscopes. Use built-in automated image acquisition routines and benefit from the consistency of an advanced and repeatable workflow.

ZEN core offers automated image segmentation based on machine learning algorithms and analysis functionality such as phase analysis or particle counting.

Infrastructure Solutions for the Connected Laboratory

Infrastructure Solutions for the Connected Laboratory

Infrastructure Solutions for the Connected Laboratory

Infrastructure Solutions for the Connected Laboratory

Link all your ZEISS imaging and microscope solutions to a single, familiar GUI - ZEN core provides the infrastructure for connected laboratory environments. Obtain maximum meaningful information from your parts or materials samples. The GUI is designed specifically for use in materials analysis available on all ZEISS light and electron microscopes with motorized stages.

New Packaging Structure

ZEISS ZEN - ZEN Packages Structure
ZEISS ZEN - ZEN Packages Structure

New Packaging Structure

New Packaging Structure

Simplified Access to Endless Possibilities

ZEN software provides a comprehensive end-to-end solution for any microscopy user, continuously evolving to address emerging materials research applications with added features, e.g., automated smart acquisition, intuitive image analysis, and cloud-based data management. Yet, the increased capabilities also make the ZEN ecosystem complex. With the newest ZEN version, you get simplified options that make the numerous capabilities of the software more accessible. Many ZEN modules show great synergy and have been frequently combined to get your specific job done. Using that as the guiding principle, all the powerful software functionalities have been consolidated into a simple set of acquisition, toolkit, and application packages tailored to your experiments. The packages come with a substantial price saving compared to the individual modules, so you can get more value for your investment.

ZEN Packages

  • Base
    Perform basic image acquisition of multi-channel fluorescence and time-lapse experiments with manual, coded, and motorized microscopes.

    Automatically acquire images at different focus positions. Combine them to create an image with a greater depth of field. Record high-resolved images of large samples by automatically scanning pre-defined areas.

    Smart  Acquisition
    Automatically identify positions in overview images and create detail scans.

    Control Linkam heating and cooling stages with this interface.

    Coded Microscope
    Read out of coded microscope components.

  • 2D
    Employ extended image processing functions and perform automatic 2D image analysis guided by an intuitive software wizard.

    Employ extended image processing functions, visualize 3D image stacks with advanced rendering tools, and perform 3D image analysis guided by an intuitive software wizard.

    Segment, classify, and denoise images based on machine learning algorithms accessible through a dedicated user interface for training AI models. Training interfaces are included.

    Acquire and correlate images from different instruments such as light and electron microscopes, with a sample-centric workspace and a dedicated file management system. Perform workflows in 2D and 3D, optionally simplified by using L-marker calibration.

    Customize and automate image acquisition, processing, and analysis with a dedicated Python script editor for recording, debugging, and code completion.

    Maintain GxP compliance for your images, tables, and reports when working in regulated environments such as pharmaceutical companies. Ensure traceability and accountability (precondition for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance).

  • Materials Apps
    Perform layer thickness measurements and analyses of grain size, cast iron or mulitphases. Compare diagrams with standard charts. Obtain AI-ready results and optionally perform image segmentation or object classification later using the AI Toolkit.

    Perform automated imaging, classification and reporting of non-metallic inclusions in steel.

    Perform automated identification and classification of particles compliant to cleanliness standards.

    TEM Lamella Prep
    Prepare lamellae for TEM investigations on ZEISS Crossbeam using an automated workflow.

    Auto Liftout
    Automatically lift out and attach readily prepared lamellae to a TEM grid.

    Automated Imaging
    Acquire large EM tile images on ZEISS FE-SEMs via defined imaging protocols.


    • ZEISS ZEN core

      Software Suite for Connected Microscopy in Material Laboratories

      File size: 8 MB
    • ZEISS ZEN core

      Your Microscope Software for User-specific Repetitive Workflows in Biomedical Labs

      File size: 4 MB
    • ZEISS Microscope Software for Your Routine Laboratory - Flyer

      Get it done. Easy.

      File size: 1 MB
    • Detection, Quantification and Advanced Characterization of Non-metallic Inclusions in Steels

      Detection, Quantification and Advanced Characterization of Non-metallic Inclusions in Steels. Description of NMI module in ZEN Core software.

      File size: 1 MB
    • In Situ Microscopy on the Melting and Cooling Behavior of an Al-Si 12 Alloy Using ZEISS ZEN core

      File size: 2 MB
    • Microscopy in Metal Failure Investigations

      Determine the root cause of metal failure and learn about microscopy tool set for any metal failure investigation

      File size: 4 MB
    • ZEISS ZEN core

      Fast Routine Investigation of Additive-manufactured Al-Si Samples

      File size: 3 MB
    • ZEISS ZEN core

      Quantitative Structural Analysis of CFRP Components Using ZEISS ZEN core

      File size: 1 MB
    • ZEISS ZEN core

      Quality Inspection of Weld Connections

      File size: 1 MB

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