Microscopy Solutions for Remote Learning and Virtual Education
Microscopy Applications for Teaching

Remote Learning and Virtual Education

Microscopy Lessons Fully Integrated in Your Science Curriculum

Online platforms and solutions for remote teaching and virtual education have become more essential than ever.  Even in situations where in-person teaching is not possible teachers need to maintain the attention and engagement of their students, support their progress and help them to pass their exams. School systems and universities need to prepare for agile decisions when it comes to changing guidelines and safe social distancing while at the same time making sure that you can progress with your educational curriculum. ZEISS solutions for remote learning and virtual education make sure that basic microscopy lessons as well as advanced courses in histological or pathological examinations are fully integrated in your science curriculum, no matter the circumstances.

Remote Learning and Live Teaching

Remote Learning and Live Teaching

Remote learning provides an opportunity for students and teachers to remain connected and engaged with the content while working from their homes. Opportunities for remote, or distance learning are typically linked to scheduling conflicts or emergency situations that pose a threat to student safety. While hands-on microscopy lessons are an invaluable tool for every biology class, they are particularly demanding when presented in a remote scenario.
Students are easily engaged when physically interacting with the instrument and looking at real-world samples, ideally in a digital classroom setting. With ZEISS you can recreate this experience online. Microscopes with integrated digital cameras such as ZEISS Primostar 3 connect directly with either your iPad and the free imaging app Labscope or with your Windows PC. This way you can live stream the image from your teacher microscope with the help of video conferencing and collaboration software such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom simply by sharing your screen. You explain the sample details and take annotated snapshots or video clips that you digitally send to your students for further inspection and homework.
Here, the Labscope app can help your students to create their own annotations or even a complete hand-drawing of the sample of interest to learn more about structural details.

Remote Learning and Live Teaching with ZEISS Gets You

Primostar 3 with HD Cam and Monitor

Hardware & Software

·  A microscope with integrated digital camera and multiple connectivity options
·  The free imaging app Labscope for you and your students



·  Live streaming with support for various video conferencing and collaboration platforms
·  Digital image and video file transfer with your students
·  Tools and functions that assist you with curriculum tasks and homework

Virtual Education and Online Learning

Virtual Education and Online Learning

When in-person teaching isn’t possible due to social distancing measures, government guidelines or in scenarios where students need to be trained remotely, they can't use microscopes in university labs by themselves to visualize microscope slides and learn about structural details of cells and tissue. However, teaching must go on and demands for more flexibility. A virtual learning environment (VLE) in educational technology is a web-based online learning platform for the digital aspects of courses of study, usually within educational  institutions, that gives you the flexibility to train your students virtually anywhere, in a structured way and with a unified platform. With ZEISS Virtual Slide Box, you can make your microscopy sample slides digitally available to your students and create a digital campus. They access all relevant slides from home via their preferred browser or app and annotate and work with them as if they were in the lab. Of course, ZEISS Virtual Slide Box is also an ideal solution for your lab, institute or company when you need to keep your employees busy in a home office scenario with remote access to digitized virtual slides for analysis and annotation purposes.

Here’s how it works

ZEISS ZEN Data Storage

With ZEN Data Storage all your images, templates, forms and reports are accessible in one central database. ZEN Data Storage builds upon your existing server infrastructure and keeps your data in one place, facilitating the implementation of backup and data security plans. ZEN Data Storage brings central server-based user management to your university department and connects all your students. Efficiently organize your multi-user environment and administrate access roles. Include your external students at home and keep them learning virtually.

ZEISS ZEN Data Explorer

With ZEN Data Explorer you explore, view, share and work on images stored in ZEN Data Storage. This free of charge image browser allows to view and annotate images. You can get an overview of the images with the gallery view and navigate through single images. It runs as an hybrid app on smartphones and tablets (iOS and Android) as well as on Window PCs. ZEN Data Explorer allows for working with multidimensional images on a server from a remote location and from different platforms.

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