Increasing Learning Outcomes with Microscopy Solutions for the Digital Classrooms

Science departments can increase student engagement in STEM education using the ZEISS Digital Classroom microscopes.

ZEISS Connected Microscopes

Most schools and universities would agree that strengthening STEM education is fundamental for the success of their institutions. However, current research suggests that science faculty are not providing the necessary resources towards student success. In the science laboratories, many institutions are falling behind on current technological trends and relying on outdated laboratory methods. Combined with lower testing scores during the pandemic and the 2025 enrollment cliff, departments and colleges need to entice and excite students to choose their schools and universities.

The ZEISS digital classroom can provide the tools and the WOW factor to keep your students engaged, excite perspective students and strengthen department enrollment.

  • Increase engagement and conversations with your STEM students with hands-on experience
  • Give your students real experience using top tier microscope equipment
  • Get your students excited about learning
  • Provide an active learning environment where the students explain their work in real time
  • Increase recruitment and retention
  • Improve your university & school rankings

ZEISS Digital Classroom & Labscope

Experience the Future of Learning Science in the Classroom


Equip Every Student with a Hands-On Microscope Experience

Students Learn Better with Real Life Experience

More and more students are relying on digital technology to navigate schools and universities.

  • Imagine not having to run all over the laboratory having to focus each microscope or trying to find the correct area of the tissue or specimen.
  • Imagine no more capturing images with the phone through the eyepiece.
  • Imagine students being able to observe live specimens and share their findings directly with nearby students and instructors in real time.

ZEISS Labscope combines with digital tools students use in everyday life, keeping them engaged as they image, document and share their images as part of a learning experience. Lecturers consequently have more time for interpretation and active discussion in the classroom yielding better learning outcomes.


Project Scans to a Screen and See What Your Students are Seeing in their Microscopes

Focus On Discussions & Learning

At ZEISS, we want to help our users to focus on their core work – creating great pedagogical outcomes. Rather than rushing around checking that students are looking at the right part of the sample, you can now see what every student is seeing LIVE on an android, iOS or windows device, from anywhere in the lab.

All the microscopes in the classroom are connected digitally via Wi-Fi to your personal devices, so you have full access to see what your students are seeing at any time.

This personalized and blended learning experience is brought to life with the powerful yet free Labscope ecosystem which works with our whole range of quality teaching microscopes. Project any microscope's image or video onto a screen or a projector, create learning opportunities with your students, and allow the students to create the narrative of the lesson.

On the spot, you're able to correct, explain and teach your concepts as your students are using their microscopes on their own, in groups or in front of the entire class.

These images and videos can also be shared between classmates and online.


Annotate & Draw on Your Microscope Scans

FREE Labscope Software Included

Together with your digital classroom, you will also have access to the FREE Labscope software.

This software connects directly with all the microscopes in the classroom. It will allow you to draw, annotate and edit any of the microscope scans that your students are seeing.

Download them to your computer and use them as future teaching materials. Your students will never forget a learning experience when they have a visual aid to help them.

Interested to Learn More?

See How ZEISS Can Help Your Students Reignite the Enjoyment of Learning Science

Who Digital Classroom is for:

  • Department heads who want to improve teaching excellence and university rankings
  • Laboratory managers that want to provide the best experience for their departments
  • Science educators in high school and universities who want to engage with their students
  • Digital transformation teams within universities and teaching institutes
  • Anyone interested in bringing the WOW factor to their program

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It's Easy to Setup a Digital Classroom with Your ZEISS Microscopes

Now you can use wireless technology to engage your students in microscopy:

  • Step 1:

    Simply create your own digital classroom by connecting up to 20 Stemi 305 cam or Primostar 3HD and 50 compatable devices to any existing Wi-Fi. These compact and easy-to-use microscopes comes with an integrated camera and Wi-Fi capabilities.

  • Step 2:

    You can snap an image, add annotations and measurements, and then save it – or export it directly to your server.

  • Step 3:

    Once connected to the internet you can share your images, reports or videos with others via email, social media or cloud services.

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