Your Microscope for Education and Teaching

ZEISS Primostar 1 Your Microscope for Education and Teaching

Robust, easy-to-use, quality optics and above all, affordable: educational microscopes must have special requirements. ZEISS Primostar 1 meets them all. Primostar 1 focuses on the essentials. This teaching microscope is optimized for brightfield microscopy of stained samples in the life sciences.

  • Ready, steady, go: Fixed-package microscope with Fixed-Koehler illumination
  • Count on high-quality material and energy-saving LED illumination
  • Trust inclusive: 5 year warranty are guaranteed

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  • ZEISS Primostar 1 is an upright transmitted light microscope for education and teaching. It comes as a fixed package with Fixed-Köhler illumination. You just plug in the microscope and start your lessons.

  • ZEISS Primostar 1 is designed to visualzse stained specimens on glass slides with coverslips. You can use it for fixed samples as well as for freshly prepared, native samples, in biological, medical or other microscopy practical's or lectures.

  • If you want to look at e.g. beetles, whole plant parts, stones or other specimens, a stereo microscope such as ZEISS Stemi 305 is your microscope of choice.

  • ZEISS Primostar 1 is supplied in ready-to-use packages. Simply plug in the power cable, switch on the light, adjust to the user's individual body posture and start microscoping. Primostar 1 is pre-fixed so that no Köhler illumination adjustment is necessary.

  • Seeing is believing. Many of us at ZEISS fell in love with the microcosm during the first years of training at school or university and microscopic images were often the trigger for this. So make sure that the young researchers see a great microscopic picture. And let them play around, while learning. The ZEISS page on Kahoot! can be just as fun as teaching and learning in the digital classroom.

  • Order your ZEISS Primostar 1 directly from the ZEISS Microscopy Online Shop or search the Internet for the nearest ZEISS sales partner in your region.

Components and Functions

See how the light forms the image in ZEISS Primostar 1

Beampath Primostar 1

Application Examples

Daisy umbel (Bellis perennis) brightfield

Daisy umbel (Bellis perennis) brightfield

Daisy umbel (Bellis perennis) brightfield

Daisy umbel (Bellis perennis) brightfield

Pig intestine, Masson-Goldner stained

Pig intestine, Masson-Goldner stained

Pig intestine, Masson-Goldner stained

Pig intestine, Masson-Goldner stained


    • ZEISS Primostar 1

      for Education and Teaching

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      Your microscopes for increased efficiency in the lab and for more fun in teaching and working.

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    • ZEISS Primostar 1

      per la didattica

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