From Global Expression to Sub-Cellular Localization

Capture it all on the ZEISS Axio Observer 7

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From Global Expression to Sub-Cellular Localization: Capture it all on the ZEISS Axio Observer 7

Take the work out of imaging with intelligent microscopy. Watch our 30-minute demonstration using  Al Sample Finder to quickly detect your slide, calibrate the coverslip, focus on your sample and find the boundaries of your tissue, all without bleaching. Transition into seamless, artifact-free tiling using  multiband pass filters and the gentle LED illumination with Calibri 7, capturing the entire expression pattern across the brain. Navigate the slide and section with ZEN Connect, finding areas to examine  synaptic expression in 3D at high magnification using the Apotome 3 structured illumination slider_ Finish it off with simple quantification using ZEN BioApps for protein expression-based cell counting with just a few clicks. All the while, every image is stored and documented in a single ZEN Connect project for easy access and registration. You don't have to remember because the software will do it for you!

Featured ZEISS Technology:  

  • Al Sample Finder - Start imaging fast Hands-free detection, calibration and focusing  
  • ZEN Connect - Catalog and navigate samples and images across your slides, or even different microscopes  
  • Apotome 3 - Confocal like images without the confocal  
  • Calibri 7 - Fast switching, gentle LED light source, for high-speed imaging without the UV leak  
  • Bio Apps - Make quantification easy, using straight forward cell counting software  
Presented by

Colleen Manning

Product Marketing Manager Widefield and Automation, ZEISS Research Microscopy Solutions

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