Lunch & Learn

ZEISS Dynamics Profiler and AI Based Image Analysis

Push Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy to a new level and gain new insights into your data with Deep Learning - all within one ZEISS instrument

11:00 AM - 2:00 PM | Hybrid event at Stanford University

ZEISS Dynamics Profiler and AI Based Image Analysis

Your local ZEISS team is pleased to invite you to the ZEISS Lunch & Learn hosted by Gordon Wang, Ph.D., Neuroscience Microscopy Service Director, Stanford University. The event will be held at the Neurosciences Building Rm E153. Join us for an introduction to the latest features of ZEISS technology to advance your research, followed by a virtual demonstration of the Dynamics Profiler live from the ZEISS Microscopy Customer Center in Dublin, CA.

In this Lunch & Learn, you will hear about three of our flagship live cell microscopes and their strengths:

  • How Airyscan can enable the measurement of correlation, diffusion, and flow using an easy-to-use wizard
    guided workflow.
  • FCS is possible even in brighter cells, making concentration measurements more accessible and reliable.
  • Arivis can expand your analysis capabilities - even with large and challenging datasets.
  • Objective detection, cell tracing, process characterization, branch analysis - all within the ZEISS ecosystem.

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Ben Figueroa, Ph.D. Account Manager

Prior to joining ZEISS, Benjamin Figueroa earned his PhD in Chemistry at the University of Washington-Seattle’s Chemistry Department, where he also spent a year as a Postdoctoral scholar. His work included developing new spectroscopy and imaging techniques for understanding single cell metabolism and developing early disease diagnosis tools. Leveraging his expertise in physics, optics, and engineering, his work pushed the frontier of an advanced Raman imaging technique called SRS microscopy as a state-of-the-art optical technique.

Zaw Win, Ph.D. 3D Product Application Sales Specialist

Zaw Win is our 3D Product Application and Sales Specialist supporting the bay area. He has eight years research experience in cell biology, microfabrication, and mechanobiology.

Eric Hawblitzel Software Sales Executive

Eric has been a lifelong enthusiast of everything in the technical, mechanical and computing worlds. He holds a biology degree and has been actively engaged in the microscopy business for 14 years. Eric’s biggest enjoyments come with his wife and two daughters, teaching them how to fix things when broken and creatively help the world around them.

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