Software Solution for SEM, FE-SEM and FIB-SEM

ZEISS SmartSEM is your operating system for ZEISS electron microscopes. While providing access to advanced microscope settings it lets you solve even the most challenging tasks. Use it to fully control all operational parameters. Choose between different operating modes for the GUI depending on your user level: full control or concise GUI developed for the occasional user. Extend the functionality easily at any time with extra modules.

  • Enhanced imaging conditions
  • More information from your images
  • Additional software modules
  • Customized usage


SmartSEM not only builds the bridge between control software and microscope hardware. The program suite also includes utilities to fit your individual needs: It offers the possibility to memorize user-specific preferences, which eliminates the need to reconfigure the user interface each time the SmartSEM is started. And SmartSEM’s comprehensive toolbar and configuration options allow you to monitor and operate relevant active components of the microscope.

  • Enhance your imaging

    • Use various imaging settings and receive excellent results
    • Process extensive signals during acquisition or on stored images
  • Get more information from your images

    Receive topographical and compositional information by overlaying images from different detectors Use full annotation and measurement capabilities.

  • Customize your instrument usage

    • Personalize the user interface through the fully customizable toolbar
    • Save operating conditions at any time for future recall
    • Use the Macro-Editor with access to over 250 instrument control functions
  • Select from software modules

    These optional software modules provide additional application-specific functionalities:
    • SmartSEM Touch for intuitive operations
    • SmartBrowse to navigate your image collections
    • SmartPI for automated particle investigation


SmartPI Explorer navigation window with multi-particle view
SmartPI Explorer navigation window with multi-particle view

SmartPI Explorer navigation window with multi-particle view.


  • Use SmartPI module to quantify, classify and measure particle size, shape, morphology and elemental composition semi-automatically
  • Easily switch between different modes for production, configuration and report
  • Production mode: SmartPI automatically sets up the operating conditions and starts the measurement according the selected analysis routine
  • Configuration mode: Easily configure the relevant settings from SEM setup to particle classification and report
  • Report mode: Create reports, process data and work with single frame interactive analysis with anomaly investigation


  • Combine images taken using a variety of different detectors at different magnifications to present large image sets in the context of the sample
  • Easily browse and navigate your image collection by stage coordinate references
  • Unlock hidden information with different filtering mechanisms and viewing modes
  • Handle tilt series creating the impression of a 3D rotation to get a better understanding of your sample
  • Access image properties with all system parameters
SmartSEM Touch
SmartSEM Touch

SmartSEM Touch

  • Benefit from intuitive operation: SmartSEM Touch runs from a touchscreen and puts interactive workflow control directly at your fingertips.
  • It is quick and easy to learn, dramatically reducing training effort and costs. Within minutes, even new users will begin capturing stunning images.
  • This user interface also supports industrial operators who require automated workflows for repeatable inspection tasks.
  • Laboratory managers can pre-configure parameters for recurring imaging routines, ensuring that novice or routine users always use the exact same parameters for repeatable data acquisition.
  • Multiple languages are supported to ensure easy localization and use.


    • ZEISS SmartPI

      Identify the root cause. Make the right decision faster.

      File size: 1 MB
    • ZEISS SmartSEM

      Operate more efficiently with full control over your instrument

      File size: 899 KB
    • ZEISS SmartSEM Touch

      Explore objects of interest with a simple swipe of your finger

      File size: 764 KB
    • Using ZEISS SmartSEM Touch

      for Fast and Reproducible Routine Inspection

      File size: 2 MB

Visit the ZEISS Download Center for available translations and further manuals.

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