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3D Toolkit Visualization and Analysis of Volume Models in Life Sciences

This toolkit unlocks the full 3D potential of your ZEN software. Equip yourself with a collection of rendering methods, tools for sophisticated visualization and data navigation. Analyze your data with ZEN workflows for 3D segmentation and 3D object measurements.

  • Advanced 3D rendering methods
  • Superior image navigation
  • 3D analysis seamlessly integrated with typical ZEN workflows
  • 30-day free trial
Advanced 3D Rendering Methods
Advanced 3D Rendering Methods

Advanced 3D Rendering Methods

Multiple visualization modes let you choose how you explore your sample in 3D

ZEN 3D Toolkit offers multiple types of rendering algorithms with its 3D viewer allowing you to choose the visualization that fits your application.

  • Volume Mode: 2D projection with proper camera perspective
  • Transparency Mode: Emphasis on object edges
  • Maximum Mode: Volume mode with maximum intensity projection
  • Surface Mode: Reconstruction of iso surfaces and emphasis of flat structures, such as cell walls
  • Mixed Mode: Combination of Surface and Transparency Mode to visualize complex object relationships
Superior Image Navigation with Tomo3D
Superior Image Navigation with Tomo3D

Superior Image Navigation

Don’t get lost in challenging data sets

A sophisticated 3D rendering can be overwhelming when exploring a data set. With the viewer available with ZEN 3D Toolkit, 3D and 2D views are placed side-by-side for seamless navigation through the sample. During zoom operations, all views are synchronized, allowing you to maintain your orientation and stay focused on maneuvering through your sample. Cut lines further help the navigation and can be expanded to display stack projections to clearly illustrate your sample in whichever view you choose.

Seamless Integration of 3D Analysis with Typical ZEN Workflows

Seamless Integration of 3D Analysis with Typical ZEN Workflows

Increase your efficiency with AI driven analysis of 3D data sets

ZEN 3D Toolkit also supports 3D image analysis. The Image Analysis Wizard is equipped with algorithms to perform 3D segmentations. Furthermore, machine learning and deep learning models can be employed in 3D analysis via the Image Analysis Wizard allowing for AI driven analysis of your 3D data sets.

Facilitate Your 3D Applications with ZEN 3D Toolkit

3D Viewer
Stunning 3D visualization and rendering

Tomo3D Viewer
3D tomography for easy navigation of challenging data sets

3D Image Analysis
3D segmentation and AI-driven data analysis

  • Display 3D volume models using efficient ray tracing technology, even for large data sets
  • Display up to six channels including time series  .
  • Rendering methods: Transparency, Volume, Max Intensity Projection, Surface, and Mixed, with up to three clipping planes.
  • Visualize dense structures from different technology sources, such as electron microscopy (EM), X-ray microscopy (XRM) and dense fluorescent data.
  • Set up data pipelines to to ZEISS arivis Pro with saved settings for high throughput, easy 3D analysis.
  • Generate breathtaking animations for presentations and online publications.
  • Render up to three 2D and one 3D view panes together
  • The position of the three orthogonal 2D view panes are synchronized with the 3D view
  • Ray-casting-based volume rendering with transparency volume and maximum intensity modes
  • Flexible channel-wise adjustment of 3D view, background color and lighting
  • Navigation through the sample and projection views via colored cut lines
  • Seamlessly integrated with Image Analysis Wizard
  • Compatible with various segmentation methods: threshold based, Intellesis segmentation, and ZEISS arivis Cloud semantic segmentation
  • 3D morphological operations for post-processing
  • Multi-class object table for display, quantification, and .csv export of object features, including 3D parameters
  • Sorting and publication-grade visualization of objects with different transparency modes
How-to 3D in ZEN (blue edition)

How-to 3D in ZEN (blue edition)



  • ZEN 3D Toolkit

    Visualization and Analysis of 3D Volume Models

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